Combined brushed and No.4 crafts can create a new grain – Hairline Finish. Based on the No.4 finish, HL is produced by continuously grinding the polishing abrasive belt with appropriate grain size. Hairline stainless steel offers a soft and matte shine, which is not as sharp as the brushed finish but more precise than the No.4 finish.

The hairline finish is one of the simplest metal finishes, but it is popular to apply in the decorative industry. It is available as a flat sheet, steel coil, or specification within a project. Commonly used in architecture, elevator cladding, ceilings, and ornaments.

TOPSON is your source for quality hairline stainless steel. From large-scale orders to custom designs, our state-of-the-art production facilities boast advanced machinery and cutting-edge technology, enabling us to meet the demands of even the most intricate projects.

With our commitment to quality, we can ensure that you receive hairline stainless steel products that are visually stunning and built to last.

Hairline Finish | TOPSON

Our Capabilities

Standard(stainless steel)
Available Thickness
Thickness range: 0.5~3.0mm (customized)
Tolerances: -0.01mm
Max. Workable Size
Max. 1500mm (W) x 5000mm (L)
* Please contact us to custom special dimension.
Degree of Grain
Sheet is 2 metric tons; Coil is 6 metric tons
Payment Terms
T/T, CAD, L/C are available.
Material Options
Stainless steel; Copper; Aluminum; Steel


Why Choose TOPSON for Hairline Finishing

Smoothness of the hairline finish depends on the polishing process and an abrasive substance. Both processing and overall technical capabilities determine brushed finishes’ quality. With 14 years of experience in metal serving, TOPSON provides metal finish services and metal products to more than 1000+ projects worldwide.

Besides quality metal surface finishing, we offer overall brushed finish services to architects, artists, contractors, and designers. Our overall technical capabilities are from designing, engineering to materials, and then from fabrication to installation.

In the design and engineering stage, we offer the proposal for the material options, shape, optimal thickness, and bearing capacity for your project. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and steel.

In the materials and fabricating link, we will make samples and build a model to ensure the quality required for the project.

Entering the installation, if you have a team, TOPSON will provide the construction method. If not, we also can assist you with installation by our local engineering teams.

Hairline Finish | TOPSON H14
hairline finish

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Advantage of Hairline Metal

Scratched Resistance

With countless unidirectional lines on the surface, brushed finish metal is one of the best material that can hide scratches greatly. It is suitable for the high-traffic area. Common materials of brushed finish include stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and copper.

High Workability

Brushing treatment will leave countless parallel lines on the metal surface. These fine grains will improve the adhesiveness of the metal surface, contributing to further processing effectiveness, like PVD coating or painting.

Corrosion Resistance

The irregular surface has a scale that is easy to corrode. A brushed finish can make the surface smooth after the descaling treatment and brushing processing. The metal materials will have high corrosion resistance and durability through brushed treatment.

Extensive Application

The high smoothness and metallic lustre of the brushed finish create an excellent aesthetic appeal to the surface. In addition, the hairline finish is the most commonly used metal surface in construction and equipment. It is commonly used in elevators, appliances, cladding, furniture, etc.

You can customize its thickness, width, and length according to projects.

hairline finish stainless steel

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Applications of Hairline Finish

With high aesthetics and properties, hairline finish metal is most commonly used in architecture, industries, appliances, exterior and interior elevator, and other fields that frequently use metal panels.

brushed stainless steel elevator

Elevator Doors

Elevators are a high-traffic and high-contact area. The hairline finish has countless straight and parallel grind marks, which can make scratches, fingerprints and other marks less visible. Its excellent aesthetic adds a high-end sense to elevator doors.

metal cabinet


Metal cabinet is the tool that can make your kitchen look more neat. With high scratched resistance, hairline finish metal cabinet can hide scratches from knives greatly. Besides, you can wipe off the oil gently with soft fibre clothes and cleaner.

metal cladding

Metal Cladding

Cladding is made to superimpose a material layer on existing systems, producing a "skin layer" to protect it. Metal cladding has high decoration and fireproofing, which can further enhance structures' aesthetics and extend their service life.

metal sink


Sink is the necessities in the kitchen or bath. Made of stainless steel 304/316, metal sink has higher durability and doesn't leave water stains easily. If using hairline finish on the surface of your sink, its special grains can make it look more high-end.

brushed stainless steel desk


Metal furniture become the most choice in modern home layouts. It has a high aesthetic and durability. A hairline finish combined with various colors will form a unique visual effect for furniture. It can enhance the style of the space.

stainless steel escalator


Escalators usually use in high traffic areas. It has strict requirements for safety. The hairline finish has high corrosion resistance and durability. Applied in escalators, it can extend their service life and enhance their high-end sense.

Combinations with Other Metal Finishes

The brilliance and lustre of the hairline finish mean it can increase a sense of luxury to constructions and equipment’s appearances. In the high-end place, it’s most commonly combined with other finishes to achieve a better decorative effect.

pvd kitchen cabinet

Colored Stainless Sheet​

Applied color can improve the decoration of mirror finish panels. TOPSON can color the stainless steel plate through chemical coloring or physical vapour deposition (PVD). By processing further, colored stainless steel plates have excellent weather and corrosion resistance suitable for high-traffic areas.

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Somthing You Want to Know

Hairline finish is a polishing craft originated in the Mid-sixteenth century. It is one of the commonly sight brush finishing. Its grinding marks are straight, continuous and long-grain, like the straight hair of women.

Hairline finish has a high smooth and matte surface, widely applied to wall panels and trim, signage, art, decorative panels, etc. It’s more reflective than No.4 polish.

The standard of hairline finish is #180 to #240. Different supplier has different processing capacities. So, it is necessary to ask your supplier whether fabricating a hairline finish which is suitable for a particular application.

Hairline finish is a classic processing technique for metal with extensive applications. You can purchase it from metal manufacturers or metalworking according to roughness and smoothness project requirements.

There are 2 processing methods for hairline finish in different suppliers. Metal manufacturer forms the hairline finish on the metal surface by making the abrasives rotate in the polishing solution. Metalworking has a high finishing technique. They attach abrasive belts to the machine and create the hairline finish by cross-rubbing the metal surface.

One of the biggest reasons metal manufacturers can’t provide a high smoothness finish is that they produce polish in large coils, and it isn’t easy to adjust the grain size. If your project requires highly detail-oriented specifications, metalworking is your best choice.

Hairline is one type of brush finish. Brush finish includes vibration, hairline, stain, No.4, and cross-brushed finish. Their most notable difference is that they have different textures and degrees of finish.

Cross-brushed and straight-brushed finishes are smoother and more decorative, making them popular for architectural decorations. Hairline, vibration, stain, and No.4 finish are commonly used in interior elevators, escalator cladding, and other places that do not require high decoration. Correctly choose the finish according to project requirements!

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The depth of the grain determines the application of the metal. The shallow texture is easy to leave fingerprints and smudges. Therefore, it is not suitable for use in high traffic areas or where contact with metal surfaces is required.

Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel requires little repair, but daily touch will leave fingerprints and grease on its surface. TOPSON recommends using Invisible Glass Detergent to clean and Microfiber Cloth to wipe the surface for daily cleaning of hairline stainless steel.

Dawn® and Sprayway® brand glass cleaners may be used to clean stainless steel routinely. If your stainless steel is carelessly tea-staining, Krud Kutter® cleaner can help you.

Brightness and smoothness can affect the aesthetic. You can use a soft cloth dipped in ordinary household white vinegar to maintain it with occasional polishing. Unique polishing product, like Sprayway® or 3M®, is also a good option to regain the brightness of stainless steel.

Copper is one of the most popular decorative materials. The reason copper with corrosion resistance is the patina developed on its surface. Patina is the main factor affecting its color, so you must choose cleaners correctly to avoid damage during cleaning.

Wright’s® Copper Cream is gentle and non-abrasive. Its solid protective performance keeps your copper beautiful for years to come.

Flitz® Brass & Copper Tarnish Remover adopts non-flammable formula, safer than traditional acid-based cleaners. Just spray and rinse to quickly restore a brilliant shine without rubbing.

Aluminum is more easily oxidized than iron but is often used for decoration. Why? The reason is that aluminum products will form a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface to avoid further corrosion. *Can not use acidic or alkaline cleaners. If do that, you will destroy its oxide and lose its protection.

In daily maintenance, mild soap solution is one of the best choices to clean aluminum without damaging the finish. You also can use commercial aluminum cleaners to maintain the materials’ sheen.

Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish is a paste that adds a protective coating to aluminum surfaces. You can use it by hand or with a microfiber cloth.

Chemical Guys® Heavy Metal Polish can remove light rust stains from aluminum surfaces. It is suitable to restore aluminum’s sheen.

3D® Superior Metal Polish is one of the best cleaners to remove tough or heavy-duty dirt with little effort. It can restore shine even after long-term corrosion.

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